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Cybersecurity tips for securely working from home

The spread of COVID-19 has changed the IT process for many organisations, the main change being employees working from home at a much larger scale than ever before. The move from a trusted organisation IT environment to working remotely via home or public networks can create security risks that were not previously top of mind.

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Phishing and malware attacks using COVID-19 in subject lines and content have increased significantly, with attackers taking full advantage of the fear and public interest surrounding this pandemic. These nefarious individuals are using various tactics to compromise user credentials, payment information and other data that can be monetized.

Below are some tips to help users stay safe when connecting online from home:

Unfortunately, remote user security from home does not come down to following one set of guidelines. Protections can vary from situation to situation, and using your best judgement becomes crucial. By becoming more aware of where and when to access company data, and how to do so safely, you can help ensure that sensitive company information is always protected.

This article was written by Armanino LLP, an independent firm associated with the Moore Global Network. © 2020. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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