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17 augustus, 2021

MTH moves from Hoofddorp to Amsterdam

We dreamt of having a Moore MTH office in Amsterdam to help internationally focused businesses. This dream came true November 2021 as Moore MTH opened the doors of a new location on the former NDSM wharf in Amsterdam North. “We are delighted with this prominent location, which matches our ambition and where you can feel the energy of entrepreneurship”, says Olaf ten Hoopen, chairman of the executive board.

Verhuizing Moore MTH Hoofddorp naar Amsterdam


“MTH is a member of MOORE Global, an important worldwide network of independent accountancy and advisory firms. This means that we can be a valuable adviser to Dutch companies wishing to do business internationally and to foreign firms wanting to do business in the Netherlands. Together with our Rotterdam colleagues DRV, we work as Moore Nederland, servicing the Amsterdam region”, Olaf explains. “In recent years, we have invested heavily in our international team. We took over an office in Hoofddorp with an international client base and associated expertise and brought specialists in. And as we continue to expand our team, we see that the group of clients needing international expertise is steadily growing. We are moving our office in Hoofddorp to Amsterdam this autumn”, says Rene Uijl, tax adviser and branch manager.

“We are incredibly pleased with this prominent location, which matches our ambition and where you can feel the energy of entrepreneurship.”

mr. Olaf ten Hoopen CEO / Member regional council MOORE Europe

Search for an ambitious location

Mike Zeeman, accountancy team leader, nods in agreement and joins in. “Naturally, the first question was: where in Amsterdam are we going to base ourselves? We had the usual wish list for the new location such as good accessibility, suitable office space and adequate parking. We also found it important that the location really was a good fit for us and what we wanted to signal to the market. We are a serious and ambitious organisation with a healthy dose of courage and grit. That’s what I also like about Moore MTH”, Mike explains, while he continues enthusiastically on the edge of his seat. “This also goes hand in hand with an ambitious location, where we can continue to focus on growth. And we found the very location in the Kraanspoor office complex on the former NDSM wharf in Amsterdam North. A prominent location overlooking the IJ.”

The Kraanspoor

The Kraanspoor is the focal point of the north bank of the IJ, with a 270-metre long concrete base which in the second half of the last century served as a crane track for the two largest cranes in the Amsterdam harbour area. Thanks to initiative-taker and architect Trude Hooykaas, the track was rescued before demolition. She designed a suspended, transparent office building above the existing crane track, integrating the old and the new while maintaining the atmosphere of the historic Kraanspoor. The Kraanspoor is not just a spectacular building but it is also green. The water from the IJ is used for cooling in the summer and heating in the winter.

“An Amsterdam office is important for our international clients.”

Erwin Morriën International tax advisor / Transfer pricing

Amsterdam important for international network

Why is it important for Moore MTH to have an office in Amsterdam? “There are several reasons”, replies Erwin Morriën, head of the Moore MTH international team. “An office in Amsterdam is important for our international clients and the international network. Whichever way you look at it, for foreigners Amsterdam is the Netherlands and vice versa”, he laughs. “Moreover,10% of our 42 million euro turnover comes from our existing clients in the Amsterdam region. We find the regional presence and the understanding of the region important for building relationships. The office in Amsterdam will be a complete-service location enabling us to offer a comprehensive service to our clients in the Noord-Holland region. We also work extremely closely with our colleagues in Bussum and Almere’’.

Attracting and keeping talent

“Another important reason for having an office location in Amsterdam is to attract highly talented young people who are keen to build a career”, Réni continues. “We are in fact a people business and so investing in finding and retaining people with the right expertise is very important. We see that talented young people in particular choose to study in the west of the country. They prefer to remain living there and to look for a job with a challenging business in an inspiring environment. We already know that we are a sound company”, says Réni, “and now the employment market is going to know that too. Among other things, we’re going to enhance the image of our company with a magnificent location. We already work out of a beautiful location in Bussum, an old water tower. And now we have also found an equally special place in Amsterdam.”

“One important reason for establishing ourselves in Amsterdam is to attract highly talented young people who really want to build a career.”

Réni Uijl Tax consultant and location manager

Inspiring pioneer environment

“In brief, Moore MTH Amsterdam will be an inspiring location for both our clients and us. When international clients come to the Netherlands, they also want to experience a bit of Amsterdam. We are on exactly the right spot. From Central Station you just take the free ferry across the IJ to our building. This makes our office easily accessible in a really enjoyable way.”, relates Mike enthusiastically. “The old NDSM terrain is being developed rapidly and you can feel the energy and the entrepreneurship all around. That pioneering, which we also know so well from our own pioneering in our early years in the polder, suits us perfectly.”

Almost there

As of November 2021, the Hoofddorp office is moving to Amsterdam.

We will be happy to welcome you in Amsterdam soon. The new address is Kraanspoor 16. We can be reached at tel. 023 5555 000 or 020 8003 548.

(Photo: Christiaan de Bruijne)

“From here, together with the areas where we currently operate, we will be able to explore the area in Noord-Holland above the North Sea Canal.”

Mike Zeeman RA Accountant

Moore MTH

Kraanspoor 16
1033 SM Amsterdam

Elevator 4, 5th floor
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