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New investment fund for knowledge-intensive companies

A new investment fund aimed specifically at knowledge-intensive companies is being launched. The objective is to provide a boost to the technological knowledge of the Netherlands, thereby improving the country’s competitive position.

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New investment fund for knowledge-intensive companies

Deep Tech Fund

The new ‘Deep Tech Fund’ (DTF) will make €250 million available, primarily for investments in innovative and complex technologies. Funding often proves to be a problem for the development of such technologies.

Start-ups and scale-ups

The DTF will focus on start-ups and scale-ups, or in other words young companies with growth ambitions, often in the technical sector. Companies of this kind tend to devote themselves to the development of new technologies.

A problem often encountered by young technology companies is that they have not yet proven themselves and therefore represent a relatively high risk. This can make finding investors difficult. If such companies are successful, however, they are also highly profitable.

Co-investment fund

DTF will operate as a co-investor and as an independent part of Invest-NL. Invest-NL is a national agency engaged in the development and financing of companies and projects that will accelerate the transition to a circular economy. Invest-NL has an investment capacity of €2.5 billion.

Binding decisions

DTF’s fund management and Investment Committee are independent and provide binding decisions on investment projects.

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