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We are dedicated accountants. This means that we not only look at past performance, but also contribute ideas on how to avoid company risks, increase revenue and optimise your business strategy.

As auditors, we know your business inside and out and will support you in achieving your goals. We will identify and discuss potential areas for improvement and work with you to get the best out of your business. That you can count on.

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Understanding the landscape of international business

If you do business across borders, you want to be transparent about your financial position to give investors, or perhaps a listed overseas parent company, that extra piece of mind. In addition, by viewing your organisation more objectively, together with your consultant, you will have a better grasp of the opportunities for growth.

Our services

When we carry out an audit, we check whether the annual accounts present an accurate picture of the financial position of the organisation and comply with the applicable regulations and legislation. Based on this, you will be given an audit certificate with the annual accounts.

In addition to checking your figures, we will make an assessment of your internal organisation, and determine if you have taken adequate measures to manage company risks. Together we will identify the best way to implement improvements in your organisation. We have developed separate tools for limiting risks and increasing returns. Our tax consultants will also examine the annual accounts and give you advice on your opportunities under tax law, to ensure that you don’t pay more tax than you need.

Statutory audit

Depending on the size of your company, the annual accounts may have to be audited by an accountant. The aim of this statutory audit is to establish whether the annual accounts give a true and fair view. Our team of specialist accountants will perform the audit efficiently for you. First of all, we will identify what checks have already been carried out by you and your employees, as these do not have to be performed again. We will use specialised auditing software and our electronic file to gain good access to the information on your organisation and avoid duplication of work.

Audit required under the articles of association

The term ‘statutory audit’ is sometimes confused with the audit required under the articles of association. In principle, every organisation is required to draw up annual accounts. Sometimes, the articles of association stipulate that the annual accounts must be checked by an accountant. Despite being referred to as an audit under the articles of association, this is in fact performed on a voluntary basis. If the articles of association were to be amended in this respect, the organisation would not be under a statutory obligation to have the annual accounts audited.

An audit may also be requested by other parties, such as shareholders, the board of directors or lenders. There is no difference between a statutory audit and an audit required under the articles of association as regards the checks that are performed.

There are also subsidy audits, exemptions from the statutory audit and group audits. Our specialists would be happy to examine which requirements apply to your company.


If you already have an auditor and wish to continue using their services, for instance because the parent company has instructed you to do so, we can still help you; for instance, in drawing up the annual accounts and underlying balance sheets or describing the internal organisation. Then the auditor can get straight to work.


Meet your personal advisor

Do you have any questions or would you like personal guidance? Feel free to contact us. Our specialist team can advise and support you on all your international interests.

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