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Employment and payroll

Cross-border employment and secondment

As a result of globalisation, companies are increasingly doing business across borders and recruiting employees from outside the Netherlands, or posting them abroad.
Not only does this offer opportunities, it also entails risks. Posting employees abroad is not an easy task, despite the increase in international traffic.

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Practical issues

When operating across borders, you will be faced with many practical questions for which you need a quick and efficient answer. These questions relate to employment law, payroll tax, social security, pensions, and payroll processing, and include:


Moore MTH’s Employment & Payroll Advisory Group is here to help!

The Employment & Payroll Advisory Group has consultants specialising in the cross-border aspects of HR advice, employment law, payroll tax, social security, the work-related expenses scheme, and payroll accounting. These consultants work closely together and are therefore able to provide comprehensive advice on cross-border employment. This is important, as all these fields are intertwined in the actual process of doing business.


Moore MTH is a member of MOORE, a leading worldwide network of independent accountancy and consulting firms with offices in 105 countries. Not only does this make us the right partner to provide advice from a Dutch perspective, it also enables us to consult professional consultants from other countries when formulating our advice to you.

Given the importance of cross-border employment we have combined our specialist knowledge in this field in the Employment & Payroll Advisory Group’s International Employment Desk. Please contact us if you need advice or would like to meet our consultants.

Combining forces

If you are an Moore MTH customer, we already know a great deal about your organisation. An added benefit of working with Moore MTH is that we can draw on the knowledge of all kinds of specialists in our organisation. This means that we can join forces with qualified colleagues across different specialisms to meet your specific needs.

Meet your personal advisor

Do you have any questions or would you like personal guidance? Feel free to contact us. Our specialist team can advise and support you on all your international interests.

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