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Welcome to Moore MTH Amsterdam

Moore MTH, the Amsterdam way

A new Dutch office means a different approach. It also means looking at entrepreneurship with a different, more modern view. Showing some guts, being free in your decision making and always being able to trust the basics. We believe that entrepreneurs make the real difference. For our welfare. For our wellbeing. For the Netherlands. And now? For the world!

Moore MTH Amsterdam

Got a problem? No problem!

Does your company face an inquiry around hard digits? Or are you – just like most – completely lost in the maze that is tax laws and restrictions? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. We follow the fiscal developments, guide you through the haystack surrounding VAT regulations and make sure you can trust your numbers. And we can help you with so much more.


Trust your numbers


Insight; always and everywhere

Tax advice

Getting your affairs in order

Staff and salaries

Satisfies people in the right places


We support you in maintaining your goals


We guide you through the maze of VAT regulations

Corporate finance

Guidance in the proces of business takeover

Moore MTH; goal-oriented, responsible and full of ambition

We are just naming a few core values here. Because why would you choose Moore MTH? Because you are looking for a full-service financial consultancy firm who you can fully trust! Because an honest, goal-oriented, and responsible approach towards your firm is of the highest importance. Because we are also looking to gain more value. To build relationships, to gain worth. Our goal? Contribute to your personal satisfaction, business successes and social prosperity.

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Frans Grims

“For us it was ideal that Moore MTH has all the necessary knowledge in-house for both providing financial and legal advice, as well as assisting with the financing application and drafting the contracts.” – Frans Grims (59), owner of Vastado Stansvormen, contacted Moore MTH for guidance on a smooth takeover of his company.

About Moore MTH

From a small business in the Netherlands during the early 1950’s to one of the biggest full-service financial firms in the country. Our founder; Sir Meeuwsen had a clear vision as an entrepreneur and accountant: independent, quality driven and full of customer satisfaction. His motto? “A good name is better than good oil”. And that is what we are always chasing within Moore MTH.

In the meantime, Moore MTH has grown to 13 offices within the Netherlands, are reachable in 21 countries via Moore Global and are we building on more that 70 years of experience, whilst supporting over 7000 customers. We at Moore MTH are specialists in financial-, fiscal- and legal advice, business advice, financing, customer policy, corporate- and personal finance and recovery.

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